“Break” Post-Production Week 15

This week we’ve started putting the finishing touches on our project. By finishing touches I mean our composer has finished scoring it and as Tom said, he knew exactly what we were looking for. We’re all really excited to see the final project since we’ve all worked so hard on this. Since this will be my last blog entry, I would like to commend my team for working so hard on this from start to finish. Each of my teammates gave this project their all and I can not express enough how grateful I am for them helping me bring my script to life. It’s been fun.


– John Stinson

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.15.16 PM.png

“Break” Post-Production Week 14

This week our group has been focused on audio and getting each and every level of the audio to match so our film will flow smoothly despite having numerous cuts throughout. Our concept is fantastic and it visually looks how I imagined it would (which is always rewarding). Now all we need to do is get the audio levels right and we’ll be good to go for our final project. Side note: I have been blessed with a fantastic team from which I have lost the desire to work with anyone else because I know they will not live up to the expectations that have been set by this group.

“Break” Post-Production Week 13

This week, we have been working with Joe on the editing aspect of our projects. I won’t go into detail with the work Joe has been pulling off in Adobe Premiere, but I can say that it is the definition of micro-managing. He is making sure everything is in sync with one another and that we don’t have any issues video wise before we move onto audio. Joe kinda looks like a music composer when he’s editing and it is very impressive to watch while I take my own notes since I am quite novice when it comes to Adobe Premiere.

-John Stinson


“Break” Post-Production Week 12

Captain’s Log 4/18/17: This week during Post-Production Joe has been putting together an assembly cut. I bought him a Monster so that he could retain focus while editing. Since editing will be the strong point of our production (by strong I mean the novelty of our video will be the selling point of our video since that is what separates us from other videos), we will need him to be fully focused. I offered him a back massage, but he said no. I think I might buy him another monster. Idk what kind he likes. The blue ones taste better but they also are lo-carb and if I buy him the blue one I don’t want him to think I’m saying that he needs less carbs. The green ones aren’t nearly as good as the blue ones but those don’t say lo-carb on them. I am conflicted.


“Break” Post- Production Week 11

This week in post-production our team has been taking it easy. We have an assembly cut already made with all of our footage in the bag. Joe, Rebecca and I joined another production team outside of school and are now all working together on another production since we enjoyed working with each other so much during the filming of “Break”. I’m looking forward to all of the little pieces in the production to come together so our original vision can be achieved.

(No photos from behind the scenes this week since the production is wrapped so here’s a picture of Bouchard I sniped during setting up the jib)


“Break” Production Week 10

This week, as we all expected, was going to be where the bulk of our work has started. Editing will be the selling point for our film and what will separate it from others. That’s what we want the allure of our film to be. It is simple in dialogue but what we will need is a unique style. So basically we have chose style over substance for this production. We did not have any set photos this week, but here’s a close up of Joe.Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 8.38.38 PM.png

“Break” Production Week 9

This past Sunday we wrapped up principal photography on our short film. I have found that being a script supervisor is sometimes a tedious job, but in the end it will pay off when we see the final product. The importance of my job was to make sure our actors knew all of their lines and had to feed them to them every once in a while.

Once we have sorted through all of the footage we can begin the real process that is going to prove difficult: editing. Our project relies heavily upon editing and that is the main selling point to differentiate our film from all of the others. I will work with our editor.

Here’s an image of our crew setting up a shot while simultaneously looking like the poster for Trainspotting: