“Break” Post-Production Week 12

Captain’s Log 4/18/17: This week during Post-Production Joe has been putting together an assembly cut. I bought him a Monster so that he could retain focus while editing. Since editing will be the strong point of our production (by strong I mean the novelty of our video will be the selling point of our video since that is what separates us from other videos), we will need him to be fully focused. I offered him a back massage, but he said no. I think I might buy him another monster. Idk what kind he likes. The blue ones taste better but they also are lo-carb and if I buy him the blue one I don’t want him to think I’m saying that he needs less carbs. The green ones aren’t nearly as good as the blue ones but those don’t say lo-carb on them. I am conflicted.


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I like movies and books and I'm a Pizza Roll connoisseur. Shia Labeouf.

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