“Break” Pre-Production Week 7

This week during pre-production, since out script consists of 4 different scenarios all with the same dialogue, I made 4 individual scripts for each couple. This is so we can get the full finalized scripts to our actors far in advance so they can become more familiar with the script and they can relate to the actual character’s names and not “Partner 1” &  “Partner 2”. As well as this, Joe and Tom went out and ran some camera tests in the park we plan to shoot in. All went well and we are well on our way to being fully prepared for shooting. Meanwhile, over on my end, you can find me hunched over my computer slaving over making call sheets (the bane of my existence). Fun stuff over here lemme tell ya!

– John Stinson


“Break” Pre-Production Week 5

During this week of production we held our first auditions. There was quite a bit of turnout and I am very excited to inform the best ones about them being called back. What the trick about all of this is, we have to see which actors have the best chemistry with one another. That will be the true test of acting when we get down to it. If there is no chemistry between the leads (who will be carrying the film) then our film will certainly fail.


Even though I was the screenwriter, I am glad I was at the auditions so that I can point out who most resembles the character I wrote and envisioned within my script. The actors seemed super excited to be apart of all of this and I was excited as well that production has been going so smoothly. But Murphy’s law will kick in at anytime now.

“Break” Pre-Production Week 4

When it comes to submitting a final script, I find it very stressful and nerve wrecking to finally settle on a script to say “Yep this is it I am completed for now”. What was really helpful was the coverage I received on the script not just from my own group but from the other groups as well. This being said, I have done my best to refer to the notes but still keep the script personal to myself. If I was just doing what others were telling me to do the script would be much less personal and all the less fulfilling when it comes time to submit it to begin production on. Now I have ended my run as the screenwriter and will begin my duties serving as a PA to further along production and make sure all runs smoothly with the group. I used to think that I would have to direct everything I had written but now I realize that I can not be getting too attached to my scripts because directing is not my strong suit and I would prefer just selling my screenplays to make a decent amount of money to support my lifestyle.


“Break” Pre-Production Week 3

After this past week of meeting with my group in person, I handed each of them a physical copy of the script and asked them each to write down what they thought could be improved and/or changed. Once receiving all of the separate scripts I began to make changes to the script to where I saw changes were needed. At the end of the day this is still my script, but it is always nice to have input from my very talented team.


Once we receive coverage from the other group during class today I will continue to make changes on what will be my 3rd draft of the script. This will most likely also result in some drastic changes such as the ones made between the 1st and 2nd draft. For now I will be tracing back my steps to the original draft and see where the root of my mood has came from.

“Break” Pre-Production Week 2

As screenwriter of our production, I have run into a bit of difficulty when trying to make a non-generic conversation about breaking up while still making it generic enough to apply to 8 separate people. This being said, I met with my crew and discussed more on the idea we are going for. I asked them each for their input on the script so that I had outside sources helping me brainstorm new and creative ideas. As well as some input from my team, I watched numerous videos of scenes in movies where a couple is breaking up and wrote down some various stereotypes in these movies that I would like to avoid. While still being  a straight forward conversation shared between 8 people, I am doing my best to add a little flair and complications to each part of the script so that ours will stand out when compared to the rest.51-sad-breakup-quotes-that-make-you-cry

“Break” Pre-Production Week 1

During this week I have been looking at films of a similar theme to our short film. By that  I mean our film will pursue the themes of romance and drama. So pretty much any show that’s on The CW right now are serving for a lot of information. Since we will be working extensively in editing I have been continuously referencing back to the film “Cloud Atlas” for inspiration since the director’s (The Wakowski’s) set up the story to be multiple stories interspersed throughout to create a somewhat linear storyline.

I would also like to address that although I am the only screenwriter I have encouraged my whole team to send me ideas as well as reminders on what cliche’s not to add in the script since we don’t want this to be a run of the mill romantic film. Aka anything Nicholas Sparks related.p8890197_p_v8_an

So nothing like this ^^^ is gonna be happening I promise.

Anyways, I currently have been working on the script after we all decided to shoot 4 scenes of the same script and then deal with the clips when we get to the editing portion of the project. My only weakness in script writing is making dialogue sound like people are actually saying it but I will have my team to take a once over on it once it’s completed.


You could type out the most fascinating and riveting story or news article in the history of print. And guess what, if you type that on white paper with 12 pt Times New Roman font, no one will give a shit.

the curse of our generation

I’m going to add pictures, links, and videos periodically throughout this post not because I think it will benefit the point I’m trying to make it, no, but it will keep you, my short attention spanned reader, entertained.

Maybe it is a part of the point I’m trying to make. Here at 2015 and after a few months of being a blogger I have realized one simple truth, content doesn’t sell, marketing sells. How interested in this article would you be at this point if I haven’t been throwing in a picture and “bolding” certain words to catch your eye. Would you have moved on to another blog if you saw that this was just like I said earlier 12 pt times new roman on white paper? I don’t blame you shit I would have as well.

So what does sell?

Obviously pictures and videos are helpful. In today’s day and age who just sits down to read? We want to watch or even lazier we want to be read to. We live in a civilization where we don’t want to watch a foreign film because “why would I watch a movie where I just have to read the subtitles the whole time”

The word count at this point in the paper is 258 and I bet half of you have stopped reading since I haven’t inserted a picture or video yet. Here’s a gif of Shia to catch your eye and stay on the page:


The world moves fast. So do we. We want our news quick, we want it to cut straight to the point. Do you have an opinion and want to post it online? Cut the bullshit and make your point because no one has time for it. And goddamn it better be an entertaining opinion or I’m not going passed the second sentence. Being a blogger for let’s say 4 solid months has opened my eyes to this side of the internet. Shit I see videos and pages that get millions of views and opinions when I’m happy I can get maybe more than 10 favorites on a tweet ON A GOOD DAY.



So this is a word of advice I learned very early on, if you want a popular post, start off with appealing to the viewer visually (so don’t mimic this post I’m making it like this to make a point). After that, make sure your first sentence gets the reader hyped and ready to take on each paragraph you throw at them, after that you just need to somehow rope them in for more. Then bam you have yourself a following. Clearly it isn’t as simple as I just made it sound but hey I’m just giving you the main gist of what you need to do.

Stay with me we’re almost at the end. It’s a sad truth and I may have stated that before but holy shit it is a sad truth that we as a society could just bypass a great work just because it hasn’t caught our eye at first glance. Is there a solution for this? Sadly this isn’t one of those opinion pieces where I can even fathom a way to solve this. It seems the problem will only grow worse since our society is still somehow increasing their speed on everything. Shit there’s a reason you’re seeing this on a computer and not a newspaper along with the rest of your news. No one has time for that anymore.


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